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August 10, 2018

Dear CHEC Family:

It is time to welcome our wonderful students and families for School Year 2018-19!  I look forward to seeing you for our pre-school opening planning and professional development on Monday, August 13th, 2018, beginning promptly at 8:00 am in the CHEC Cafeteria.  We have a lot to celebrate, with some great accomplishments in Advanced Placement, SRI and I-Ready! We haven’t received PARCC Results yet, but we know that our teachers with IVA had great results!

I hope you have had a great summer, with plenty of time for rest, relaxation and reflection.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many of you during summer school, at different professional development activities, and committee meetings, and just stopping by the school to check-in.  I would like to extend a special thank you to all of you!  Personally, I feel rejuvenated by the professional learning opportunities I had the chance to be a part of this summer, and am excited to begin another school year.

As we focus on planning and organizing ourselves to make a strong start with students on Day One,  I want to provide a brief preview of how we will build on our work of last year, as we  focus on the unique needs of each student.  We will build on our professional learning community and peer support through LEAP.   LEAP has been refined and adjusted this year based on teacher and leader feedback, and has a new focus on social emotional academic development.   We have also continued to build in additional time for curriculum and assessment development, through an Early Release Day, however, this year it will be once a month, the last Wednesday of the month.   Students will participate in Community Service and other enrichment activities while we have time to develop and refine curriculum and assessments, as well as review student work and data.  

Our focus on empowering our young men and women of color will continue as we continue to build our capacity and cultural competence to be truly responsive educators.  This year we will offer a new course called “Critical Conversations,” which was co-designed this summer by students and educators, and explores identity and issues of equity and empowerment.  

We have experienced great success with our Restorative Justice practices, and this year we will continue to build on them, as even more staff have been trained and will be leaders in this initiative. As a team, we will move to build relationships and a strong sense of community and responsibility.

A general schedule for the week is attached. The majority of the time has been set aside for work periods in department and SLC for the preparation and tuning of all curricular documents needed to align instruction for the year, and to begin with content on Day 1.  On Wednesday there are a variety of district based professional development activities that differ according to discipline and departments so please also consult the DCPS Professional Development Guide.  If you are unsure about which DCPS session to attend, please contact your SLC administrator or me.

You should have received your room assignment in a separate email from Pankaj Rayamajhi, as well as a survey regarding parking.

Once again, welcome back for School Year 2018-19!  Let’s make it the best ever!!

Go Griffins and Knights!

Maria Tukeva

It is time to welcome our students and families back to a new school year, with new opportunities and possibilities. We have much to be proud of from......

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The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism provides students with a stepping-stone towards a lucrative career by equipping them with the skills required to be a successful leader in college and today's business world. As a member of the National Academy Foundation network, our Academy is part of


The Empowering Males of Color (EMOC) program at CHEC is dedicated to improving the life outcomes of our boys and young men who require extra support to get back on track and successfully graduate from high school and chart a constructive road map for college, career and life. EMOC is a sustained and


Dec. 15, 2016

By Abbie Lieberman

On any given weekday at Bell Teen Parent and Child Development Center in Washington, DC’s lively Columbia Heights neighborhood, infants are napping in their cribs, learning how to crawl, and exploring their environment. In the next room over, toddlers are playing dress up, reading books, and trying to share their toys. On the inside, Bell looks like your typical high-quality child care provider.


Just because you’re physically sitting in a seventh-grade math class doesn’t mean you need to be doing seventh-grade math. If you need to work on sixth-grade skills, that’s fine, and if you can zoom ahead to trigonometry, that’s great too. This flexibility is made possible through the wide use of Blended Learning as


Learning frequently extends beyond our halls and national boundaries. Our students frequently embark on global excursions for investigative research, social activism, leadership development and collobaration with foreign schools.  Whether students are engaged in an anti-Mafia rally in Palermo, Italy (above picture)


America's Most Challenging High Schools: Making the grade: CHEC ranks #27
Jay Mathews: April, 2016

America’s Most Challenging High Schools ranks schools through an index invented by Washington Post education columnist Jay Mathews. The index formula is a simple ratio: the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests given at a school in 2015, divided by the number of graduates that year.  Noted in our national and local tables are the percentage of students eligible for government meal subsidies — a common benchmark for poverty — and each school’s average scores on the SAT, a common college entrance exam with


The Mission Award is the highest honor given to our best faculty and staff who incorporate daily practices that move our community closer to achieving the school mission.

This month's recipients are: Coming soon...


Our World Cultures program enables students to explore how human relationships, geographic features, political and social structures, economics, science and technology, and the arts have developed and influenced life in countries around the world. We emphasize the perspectives of ..


We have a dual immersion program that is designed to enrich the education of native English speakers as well as native world language speakers. Students take Spanish Language Arts and further develop their language skills while taking key content courses in Spanish. The goal is for all students to


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Edwin Ordoñez was 9 years old when he and his father swam across the Rio Grande and slipped into this country, the final leg of a long and risky journey from their native El Salvador. Edwin spoke no


By Kellye Lynn, ABC 7 | May 25, 2016

WASHINGTON (ABC7) — The library at Columbia Heights Education Campus in Northwest Washington was transformed into a job fair on Wednesday. Students came with one purpose. Kimoni Stephens is a 17-year-old junior at the school and explained, "We



November 23, 2015 – Congratulations to Director Ana Ayala, and the entire staff of the Bell Teen Parent Child Development Center! Our program has achieved a new, five-year term of accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) the nation’s leading organization of early childhood professionals.


That’s the Idea: Some schools serving low-income students believe in a challenge
Jay Mathews: April 17, 2016

I am having an argument with Erich Martel, an experienced former history teacher in the D.C. schools. He thinks it is wrong for schools to require that all, or nearly all, students take Advanced Placement courses, among the toughest our schools have.
The Columbia Heights Educational Campus, a program led by innovative principal Maria Tukeva for 35 years, requires all of its students, mostly from low-income families where English is not the first language, to take AP English. It has made significant gains in the percentage of students passing

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