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The CHEC Mission Award is the highest honor given to our very best teachers who incorporate daily practices that move our community closer to achieving the school mission. The Mission award is given monthly and celebrates outstanding contributions to the teaching profession and its impact on our students.


Niki Clark

Builds professional learning community
through leadership in the  Small Learning Community, and in the Counseling Department,  and providing the guidance curriculum through the classroom.  Prepares students to succeed in college by relentlessly working with ninth and tenth graders on their schedules, IGP and course selection.  Helps students develop positive habits that build physical and mental health and demonstrate perseverance, ethics and character in the pursuit of excellence, by assisting with mediations, providing positive discipline, providing support to students with special needs, providing a strong guidance curriculum, and coaching our cheerleading team.

Megan Belser
11th Grade English Teacher

Builds professional learning community
through  leadership in the English Department, collaboration in her Small Learning Community,  assisting in SLC activities as needed.  She has taken the lead in developing curricular documents for the 11 th grade team. Prepares students to succeed in college by holding high expectations for all students, engaging them in a Socratic Seminar less than two weeks into school, and drawing the connection between rigorous reading, writing, thinking and speaking and college success. Motivates students to persevere by relentless work with them during class, and after school, and by constantly reminding them of their goal of attending college.  


Rodney Cook
High School Math Teacher

Show perseverance/relentless pursuit of excellence
as he has worked tirelessly with the new math teachers. He has facilitated sample teaching/model lessons with new teachers and provided feedback on lesson plans. They have met after school and practiced the delivery of their lessons and potential misunderstandings.  Builds professional learning community through sharing practices in the SLC, and Math Department.  Supports all school activities.  Prepares students to succeed in college by a relentless focus on excellence in math, accepting no excuses, and requiring high level work.  Mr. Cook posted his curricular documents, distributed his textbooks and has engaged students in content since day one.

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