LSAT - Columbia Heights Educational Campus

3101 16th St, NW / Washington, DC 20010 / High School: (202) 939-7700 / Middle School: (202) 939-6680 / Maria Tukeva, Principal
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The Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) is a group of elected and appointed members that exists at  every DCPS school. The team (formerly the Local School Restructuring Teams) consists of the school principal, parents, teachers and staff, student representatives, community members and Union representatives. As a group, the LSAT advises the principal on matters that promote high expectations and high achievement for all students. The CHEC LSAT provides our leadership with a wide range of smart thinking and diverse voices and perspectives to help work through a variety of strategies and student learning outcomes. Such valuable counsel enables the principal to make the best possible decisions and to ensure the success of all students.The LSAT's focus is not on school operations or management but on long term strategy and initiatives leading to academic success. As such, the LSAT at CHEC is tasked with advising the principal on matters such as: allocation of school resources; organization of the school; curriculum options, including special or supplementary course offerings and specialized research-based instructional strategies; budget decisions; priorities and considerations for staffing patterns and the selection of personnel; monitoring overall student progress; school culture, and family engagement. Parents can join this committee or attend meetings in order to share their ideas on school policy or every day concerns.

LSAT members often represent groups larger than their own individual interests. For example, teachers represent the concerns, ideas and opinions of all teachers and parents represent the concerns, ideas and opinions of all parents. It is an expectation that members engage in regular outreach to those whom they represent - keeping them appropriately informed of LSAT activities as well as soliciting opinions and sentiments from them.  For CHEC's principal, the LSAT is a very vital decision-making resource and a great sounding board for new ideas.


Maria Tukeva,

Mandy McCulloch,
WTU Building Representative

George Moorefield
LSAT Chairperson

Ana Zelaya

Victor Molina
Support Staff Member

Adrian Valdivia
Community Representative

Kimberly Turcios
Student Representative

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