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About CHEC

We're proud to be able to say that CHEC is one of the premier grades 6-12 institutions in the country, and below are just a few reasons why we hope you'll consider enrolling at CHEC, partnering with us or applying to become one of us.

CHEC is a thriving, motivating and purposeful place built on an ethos which draws significantly on the enduring values of academic rigor, curriculum relevance and social justice. Standardized exam success, while a notable feature of CHEC’s reputation, is really just part of the picture of students’ intellectual, physical and social development throughout their time at CHEC.  Indeed, a love of learning and an appreciation and passion for the global community are essential elements of a CHEC education.  Furthermore, an astonishing range and depth of opportunities exist beyond the classroom, be these in Music, Sport, Robotics, Drama and so much more. Visitors to our school will frequently notice that our students are well-mannered and caring. As well, our building conveys a sense of warmth, generosity and enthusiasm as students, parents and staff are eager to make all those who enter our school feel welcome.

We believe in strong communication between the home and the school. School newsletters, phone calls, home visits and weekly parent meetings within our building are just a few ways that we communicate with families. Our parents are engaged in curricular matters. They help develop our school planning documents which direct our learning priorities and improves student learning.

CHEC's mission is to prepare students intellectually, emotionally, and ethically to thrive in a collegiate setting and beyond with the life-long purpose of active participation in global citizenship. To achieve this goal, the faculty and staff at CHEC are singularly focused on one thing--your child. They bring their passions into the classroom and develop deep, caring relationships that inspire a true love of learning. Our teachers pay close attention to the social, emotional and academic needs of each individual, adapting curricula and lessons that fuel the fire.  Put simply, a good school knows your child by name, a great school knows your child by heart.

CHEC is a part of the D.C. Public Schools and prides itself on being acccessible to all students who express an interest in learning. Our rigorous, globally inspired, college preparatory curriculum readies students for challenges both in and out of the classroom. The experience is enriched by athletics, independent projects, service learning, work-based internships, foreign language, outdoor education, and study abroad opportunities. We believe teachable moments are everywhere and strive to create as many personalized learning experiences as we can.

Operating on the principle that emotional stability is a requisite for academic success, we strive to create a nurturing environment that builds a sense of community, strengthens character, and encourages ethical decision making. In partnership with parents, teachers help students confront problems, and set positive, proactive examples, challenging students to be their best in the classroom, on the playing field, online, and outside the school. We pride ourselves on celebrating individual achievements and supporting each other's struggles. The result is a caring community of engaged learners that supports the greatness in one through the strength of many.

Very few other schools offer the global vision and program innovation, invested faculty, and welcoming community found at CHEC. On the shoulders of many, each individual can stand tall and THRIVE.
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