Parent Association - Columbia Heights Educational Campus

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Welcome to CHEC’s PTSO community page.   All parents and guardians of CHEC students are members of the PTSO and are welcome to become an active part of this vital organization. The PTSO offers numerous ways in which you can be involved in and connected to the school, from attending parent meetings to  helping with events or serving as chaperones and on committees. Even if you can spare only a bit of time, your contribution is important and valuable in building a cohesive community.

The purposes of the PTSO are: to represent and advance  the views, interests and perspectives of parents in the school community; to aid the integration and education of parents in the expectations, activities and procedures of the school; in collaboration with the administration and faculty of the school,  to lend its support to activities, and programs for students and faculty; and to advance the financial viability and public image of the school, and the security, morale and well-being of its members. Together we can achieve our common goals of supporting  our children, the school, and the entire CHEC community.

The PTSO sponsors many events, an annual International Dinner, an annual Field Day, meetings, workshops, support groups, and more.

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