PROGRAM OF STUDY - Columbia Heights Educational Campus

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CHEC is a unique globally themed bilingual campus that serves grades 6 through 12 and prepares all of its students for success in college and the careers. CHEC has been recognized as one of the top schools in the area and country on the Advanced Placement Challenge Index for offering Advanced Placement to all students. It also has the only Spanish language dual immersion high school program in Washington, DC. Students can take a full bilingual program through the 12th grade. CHEC students come from over 50 countries and we use this diversity to complement our globally themed curriculum. Every grade explores a global theme, which ties together their learning and builds their global awareness.

Beginning in middle school, all students become articulate communicators in English and Spanish through our dual language immersion program. The middle school also develops the students' full potential through music and visual art for all students.  In the eighth grade, students can transition early to high school by taking high school courses for credit, and in high school as early as the ninth grade, students can take college courses for both high school and college credit through our early college program. Once in high school, students can choose one of two career paths, Math, Science and Business, or Multilingual Communication and the Arts.  In addition to Spanish, students can take French, Italian, or Arabic. Students are engaged in exploration and inquiry through our project based learning and portfolio assessment process. All students collect their work for all classes and present it to their classmates, teachers and parents in a portfolio presentation process. CHEC has a full athletic program at both the middle school and high school level with a variety of sports for boys and girls. In addition to athletics, there are numerous clubs and extracurricular activities. CHEC offers a globally themed after school program which includes both academics and enrichment. We are also a Flamboyan Parent Partnership School and conduct home visits for all parents who wish to participate.

CHEC is a standards-based school, which means that standards have been set for teacher performance, principal performance, and student performance. The academic standards set for students include what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. World Cultures/Global themes are intended to integrate culture, global studies and the standard curriculum. Curriculum is designed so that students can develop their learning through the lenses of rigor, relevance and social justice.
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