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CHEC is a Catalyst School in World Cultures

World Cultures Education is intended to integrate culture, global studies and the standard curriculum. It is a perspective that informs and modernizes all subject areas, developing citizens of the world in relation to culture,  language and learning to live together. World Cultures Education emphasizes the process and context, as well as the content.

Investigate the world and community beyondtheir immediate environment

Recognize, respect, and weigh perspectives, both their own and others.

Communicate ideas in two or more languages effectively with diverse audiences.

Translate ideas into appropriate actions to improve conditions.

CHEC’s Global Themes:

  • 6th grade - Migration and Immigration

  • 7th grade -   Conflict

  • 8th grade -  Identity, Voice and Gender

  • 9th grade - What is progress and innovation? Are there limitations?

  • 10th grade - What is knowledge, learning, education, wisdom?  To whom is this accessible? How?

  • 11th grade - What is equity? What is inequity? Where do we find inequity and why? Who has power and who is fighting for it and why?

  • 12th grade - How are economics and power interrelated? What is a global economy?

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