health - Columbia Heights Educational Campus

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  • We continue to implement the most up to date CDC recommended protocols. This includes:
  • Masks to be worn by all students and staff for the entire day, except while eating
  • Social distancing to the extent possible – 3 feet for students, 6 feet for adults
  • Assigned seats in all classes and in the Cafeteria, to assist with contact tracing when necessary
  • Check in screening protocol; at home screening protocol
  • Health Isolation Room for students or staff exhibiting symptoms
  • Asympomatic testing program – Parent Consent forms required – 10% of students will be tested every week
  • Contact tracing and quarantining when cases are reported
  • Water fountains for use with clear plastic bottles or disposable paper cups only
  • Enhanced ventilation systems – HEPA Filters in every classroom
  • Deep cleaning

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