Mayra Canizales Teacher of the Year - Columbia Heights Educational Campus

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Excellence in Teaching
Mayra Canizales
Instructional Coach

Mayra Canizales joined DCPS four years ago as a sixth grade English language arts teacher at Columbia Heights Educational Campus. This year, she transitioned into the role of instructional coach.

As the lead teacher for sixth grade English language arts, Ms. Canizales led her grade level team to significant gains – in 2011-12, the percentage of sixth grade students who were proficient on the ELA DC-CAS increased by 25%. She describes her teaching as “a balance between high academic and behavior expectations, care, humor, and a deep belief that every child has multiple gifts and talents waiting to be uncovered, developed, or polished.”

Ms. Canizales chose DCPS because she truly believes that we will become one of the highest performing urban districts in the country. Ms. Canizales shares, “I knew that I would be challenged, supported, and developed in this district – it’s the best choice I could have ever made!”

Ms. Canizales knows the impact of a great teacher and shares,“I love teaching because a quality education changes the life trajectories of students and their families.”

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